About us

CRUPP BOILERS INDIA is one of the fastest growing Boiler Manufacturer, with years of experience in Steam Generation, Heater and Burner Technology and a track record of efficient boilers nationwide, providing the full range of Steam Generation with best and efficient Technologies. Our Products include:

     ➾ Coal, Oil, Gas fired Utility Boilers
     ➾ Heat Recovery Steam Generators for Power Plants
     ➾ Steam Boilers (IBR/ Non-IBR)
     ➾ Hot Water Boilers
     ➾ Thermic Fluid Heaters
     ➾ Water Wall Boilers

Customized Boiler Modernization

Our representative will help you select other modernization systems specially suited to your installation. With these, you'll continue to better performance, control load distribution and get better efficiency: Meet code requirements with electronic instrumentation; Save fuel by steam & oil flow monitoring; Efficiency monitoring systems Satisfy load more easily correct piping and valve selections; Improve safety with low-water cutoff and fuel/ Steam pressure switches/ Digital controls; Auto blow down systems; Steam measurement and Totalizers;


Growing our business globally, satisfying diversified market needs. Constantly developing our technologies, Utility Boilers and Firing systems. Providing innovative solutions to the most challenging problems. Win the confidence of our Customers by consistently exceeding their expectations


Integrity: in conducting our business, we adhere to the principles of honesty, transparency, reliability, loyalty and correctness CBIPL is highly committed to understanding and meeting Customers' needs Environmental safeguard and health and safety protection in the workplace Compliance with all laws and regulations in force in the Countries where CBIPL operates Specify Only Genuine Crupp Metals Spares.

Now you can update your Crupp Boiler to take advantage of multiple fuel sources the fast, easy, dependable way. Rely on the people who know your boiler best to supply you with a complete solution for your maintenance, spares, operation. To get the most from your boiler, ask your authorized Crupp Boilers representative about latest technological upgrades, spares etc.

You'll get best performance without excessive cost. Plus the assurance of longer boiler life and improved operation.